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LOOK: President Duterte Orders Closing Down of 13 Mining Firms Supporting NPA

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday ordered the closing down of at least thirteen mining firms supporting the New Peoples’ Army.

In his speech during an Army base visit in Pagadian City, the president said the rebels are receiving millions of funds from the mining companies and it has to be stopped.

“I told these companies before, that if they don’t want to pay revolutionary tax to the rebels, they should close down their business. Matitigas ang ulo e. Bakit yong iba hindi naman nagbabayad tuloy pa rin ang operation?” Duterte quoted in a statement.

The list, which will be revealed to the public next week, includes eight in Mindanao, one in Visayas, and four in Luzon.

Duterte said that the biggest source of the rebels are from mining and logging firms.

“In order to defeat this terrorist group, we should stop their funding first”, he said.

The military earlier said that they are offering security to the mining firms, but the latter declined as government security would attract create more tensions with the rebels.

“So ang sabi ko, kung ayaw niyo ng military security, magsara kayo”, Duterte said.

It is not clear when he will order the final closure but the president said it should be carried out as soon as possible.

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