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Ninoy Aquino, Nakipag-Sabwatan Kay Joma Sison Para Kalabanin Si Marcos, Ayon Sa Dokumento Ng US Department of State!

Madalas na ipinalalabas sa mga mainstream media ang kabayanihan daw ni Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, pero taliwas ito sa nilalaman ng isang dokumento mula sa US Department of state. Nakasaad sa dokumento ang pakikipagsabwatan ni Ninoy sa mga terroristang NPA para kalabanin ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas at para sa kanyang pansariling ambisyon.

"In a private conversation on September 12 with the Political Counselor and another Embassy political officer, Liberal Party (LP) Secretary General Senator Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. stated that he had recently held a secret meeting with Jose Maria Sison, Chairman of the Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines/Marxist-Leninist (CPP/ML). Aquino and Sison discussed the possibility of forming a broad united front in opposition to the Marcos Administration. Aquino said that he had been offered, and had declined as being premature and unwarranted by the present situation, the position of leading a revolutionary government "in the hills" in alliance with CPP/ML. Aquinio also subsequently provided Sison with statement of his principles and program for review by the CPP/ML. In Aquino's view, however, the internal security and socio-economic situation in the Philippines are rapidly deteriorating. He believes that President Marcos intends to stay in power indefinitely and that his own chances of becoming head of the government by legitimate means are slight. He thus may be willing at some point in the future to ally himself with the Communists as the leader of a revolution, if he is convinced that this is the best way for him to realize his ultimate political ambition." sabi sa dokumento.

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