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Pres. Duterte Threatens to Suspend Local Officials Who Allow Corruption to Thrive

The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines who was lauded for his achievements against the fight against illegal drugs by world leaders, Pres. Rody Duterte threatened to probe and to suspend local officials who allow corruption to thrive in their areas and to fire government personnel with doubtful integrity.

According to the 72-year-old President from Mindanao he would not hesitate to dismiss officials who are making the public suffer.

In a press conference at NAIA Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying “I will suspend any local government official and especially those appointed by me. There are a lot of them,” the president said.

Pres. Duterte added further that “If I see you making the public suffer or you allow corruption to thrive in your locality, then as mayor or governor, I will order the new secretary of the DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government), the chief of staff, General (Eduardo) Año, to investigate you… I’ll give you about three days to explain,” he added.

The very first President from Mindanao also revealed that he has fired a lot of officials but did not reveal their names to the public. “You know, give me a reason to doubt about your integrity and honesty and I will fire you,” the President said.

“I’m doing it because I have to improve the situation of my country. If I stay here for five years and I did not do anything and the corruption is still there, I would rather resign,” he added.

Pres. Duterte also reiterated his directive for agencies to fast-track the processing of business permits and other official documents.

To minimize corruption risks, Duterte wants the government to process documents like passports and clearances. He also wants students to be taught how to use computers for learning so the government can save on textbook costs.

The world-renowned leader who just rub shoulders with the world's most prominent head of state recently also noted that improving the ease of doing business and maintaining peace would help promote economic growth.

Source: PNA

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