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Record Breaking 19.4M Metric Tons Of Rice Production Reached By The Philippines Under Duterte Admin

Secretary Manny Piñol has been delivering good news about the agriculture sector since he was seated.

His latest news is about the record-high rice harvest of the Philippines that reached 19.4-million metric tons in 2017.

The secretary attributed it the good weather that the Philippines had for the whole year.
Aided by favorable climate and the intensified campaign for the use of outstanding seeds and modern technology, the country will see a record rice harvest of about 19.4-million metric tons for 2017, bringing it closer to the long dreamed sufficiency.
He also mentioned that the target of the Philippines to be able to feed the whole country without relying on rice importation is 20-million metric tons. Which 600,000 more than what we have already reached.
The record harvest means that the Philippines will just be short of 600,000 metric tons to reach the targetted 20-million metric tons needed to be able to feed the whole country without depending on rice importation.
Piñol also mentioned that during the Marcos presidency, the rice supply of the Philippines was sufficient, but it wasn't sustained by the next presidents.
The Philippines during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos was rice sufficient for a brief period of time but this was not sustained.
He ended his post that the Department of Agriculture will not be deterred and will still pursue the program with a clear conscience.
The Department of Agriculture, however, will not be deterred and will pursue the program with a clear conscience guided by the vision of President Rody Duterte to provide Available and Affordable Food for the Filipinos.
Here is his complete post:

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