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US President Trump Liked Duterte Very Much That He Pours In $101.3M For The Latter's Initiative

During the presidency of United States President Barrack Obama, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte severed the ties of the two countries. It was when the US refused to sell firearms to the Philippines. The Philippines went to Russia and China instead for our firearms needs.

When the latest US President Donald Trump won the presidency, it was unclear what the future holds for the US and the Philippines. Duterte refused to set foot in the US because of the severed ties.

Good thing when the 31st ASEAN summit was held, it was the Philippines who is the host country. What some people think might spark conflict in the meeting of Trump and Duterte actually resulted to friendships and reinstated ties.

Because Trump liked Duterte so much, news came today that the White House has announced that it was pouring in $101.3 million or about P5.1 billion to the Philippines to support the initiatives of the Duterte administration.

The White House issued a statement upon the arrival of Trump on Wednesday. According to the White House statement, of the $101.3 million, $14.3 million (P750 million) will be for the rehabilitation of Marawi City; $85 million for counter terrorism-related equipments, training and support for the Armed Forces; and $2 million (roughly P101 million) to support the administration’s drug war.

During Trump's stay here in the Philippines, he did not bring up the issue of human rights against Duterte's war on drugs. But Duterte did discuss his plans to Trump.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that this is, without a doubt, a solid proof that Trump supports the war on drugs.
“That proves without doubt that the US President supports the war on drugs. Why would he otherwise give $2 million to this cause if he thinks it’s not being implemented correctly?”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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